Tips on How to Cure Car Sickness on a Charter Bus in Philadelphia – Part 2

A lot of people suffer from motion sickness or carsickness. Motion sickness can put a damper on an otherwise fun trip on board a charter bus in Philadelphia. It can make a two-hour bus ride very uncomfortable and it can ruin the fun for you and for the rest of your group, too. However, it is very easy to cure motion sickness.

If you are going to travel on a charter bus in Philadelphia, make sure that you read up on our tips on how to cure motion sickness. In a previous article, we have suggested sitting in front, taking short breaks and simply opening a window and getting fresh air in.

Here are some more.

1. Keep your eyes closed.

Because motion sickness is more or less a disorientation between what your body feels and what you see, then the easiest way to get rid of car sickness is to close your eyes.

2. Take a pill.

If you are suffering from severe motion sickness, you might want to try those over the counter drugs that help prevent it. Take the medication a few minutes before departure, giving time for the drug to set in. There are also patches that you can get to help counter motion sickness.

3. Try acupressure.

If all else fails, you might want to try acupressure. There is an acupressure point that can help ease motion sickness. This point is located at the middle of your wrist area around two inches or so below the bottom part of your palm.

Press on this point gently until you feel comfort from your motion sickness.

You can also get motion sickness wristbands from any drug store or pharmacy.

Bus Philadelphia hopes that you have a great time on a charter bus in Philadelphia. If you are prone to carsickness, we hope that these methods would help you get rid of it quickly and effortlessly so that you could enjoy your vacation.

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