Tips for Traveling with Seniors on a Charter Bus in Philadelphia (Part 1)

Organizing a trip for seniors on a charter bus in Philadelphia can be a challenging task. Sure, a trip around town can be risky for the elderly, especially for those who have difficulty walking or those who have certain medical conditions, but it can be an enjoyable and enriching experience for them. And we wouldn’t want them to miss out on that.

So how do you go about planning a trip for the seniors via a charter bus in Philadelphia? What would make it easy for you and for them? How do you make sure all goes well and without any worries? Well, here are a few tips.

1. Plan ahead. This is actually very broad. Planning ahead means, first and foremost, coming up with an appropriate itinerary. List down the places that the seniors would enjoy visiting, or the events they would love to see. Elderly individuals may have different preferences, so be sure to maintain a balance. While some would love to go to museums, others might just prefer the outdoors. So be sure everybody will have fun, because we know how grumpy our seniors could get when they’re not pleased.

Ramps or wheelchair-accessibility are also a consideration when planning an itinerary. And we also recommend that you pick places that are not too crowded and noisy so you could keep track of everyone, as well as those places with good and accessible washrooms.

Planning ahead also involves setting the dates, coming up with a list of seniors who will be going, setting a budget, and knowing the various challenges that may arise from taking particular seniors along — like dealing with wheelchairs and handling medications while traveling.

2. Call and make reservations. After coming up with a list of places you would like to visit with your group of seniors, give these venues a call and make reservations. Let them know about your group and confirm whether they have the facilities or amenities you’re looking for, like wheelchair access. Ask them for discounts and maybe some could also give you special consideration and make the venue exclusive for your group for an hour or two.

Stay tuned for a couple more tips in our next article. With these tips, traveling with seniors aboard a charter bus in Philadelphia won’t be as difficult as you’d anticipate it would be.

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