Get on a Sprinter Van in Philadelphia and Visit the Philadelphia Zoo

Take the whole family to a fun afternoon with animals and don’t worry about transportation with a sprinter van in Philadelphia.

A sprinter van in Philadelphia is a good way to ensure that all members of your family are comfortable and you all get there safe and relaxed.

The Philadelphia Zoo is the first zoo in the country, having been opened in 1874. It spans 17 hectares and is home to more than 1,300 animals. The zoo also has several attractions, such as a Children’s Zoo, a paddleboat lake, a balloon ride, a carousel and a lot of exhibits that are both interactive and educational. The zoo also houses the country home of William Penn’s grandson as well as boasts of more than 500 plant species.

Do not miss:

The McNeil Avian Center, which is home to more than 100 different bird species from all around the world. You could also follow Otis the Oriole as he migrates south at the 4D Migration Theatre.

The First Niagara Big Cat Falls, opened in 2006, is the home to lions, jaguars, leopards, tigers and several other members of the feline family, along with a simulated research station, plants, pools and waterfalls.

The Rare Animal Conservation Center is where you could see rare and endangered animals up-close. You could also learn more about endangered species here.

The famous animals at the zoo are:

Batu – a female Sumatran orangutan.
Koosaka, Terney and Changbai – Amur tiger cubs
Stella and Gus – who became the parents of a baby giraffe in 2010.

The Philadelphia Zoo is also the site of the most comprehensive and busiest animal hospital in the country.

The Philadelphia Zoo is a great way to entertain your kids, so be sure to rent a sprinter van in Philadelphia to take the whole family there. You can also bring your own food and cooler to avoid the limited choices and pricier food at the zoo! You can bring just about anything you need because of the bigger space inside a sprinter van!

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