Children Safety on a Charter Bus in Philadelphia (Part 2)

Travelling or touring with a bunch of children via a bus in Philadelphia is difficult.  Their safety is your responsibility and they need your guidance all the way.  So how do you make sure that everyone’s safe and sound and that untoward incidents are avoided?

In the last article, we have given you three tips on how to ensure safety when touring with kids on a bus in Philadelphia.  Here’s more.

4.  Obey bus driver’s signals.  If there’s anyone who knows when passengers ought to sit down, when to stand up, when to unbuckle, and when to start heading for the door, it is the driver.  So while you are in charge of the kids, always remember that the driver is in charge of all of you while on the road.  It would help if you don’t give orders regarding bus behavior unless the driver says it is safe for you to do so.

5.  Do not stay at the back of the bus.  Even when the bus is stationary or not moving, don’t forget to remind the kids to stay away from the rear of the bus.  Remind them to never cross to the other side by the back and never to stay too close to the front.  This is because the bus is large and the bus driver may not be able to see a short person on his rear view mirror or see someone short in the front.

6.  No coming back after going down the bus.  Remind the kids to never go back to the bus by themselves after everyone else has gone down and proceeded to the venue.  This is common for children who forget something – like their packed lunch – inside the bus after reaching a particular destination.   The driver may not notice the child and may start the bus towards a better parking position, or he may lock the doors.

Remember these safety tips when travelling with kids on a bus in Philadelphia.

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