Children Safety on a Charter Bus in Philadelphia (Part 1)

Organizing a Philadelphia trip with or for kids can be a daunting and challenging task. Why? Because children cannot look after themselves and you are basically responsible for them. Your job not just ends at hiring a charter bus in Philadelphia and coming up with a child-friendly itinerary. You have to come up with safety measures or safety protocol.

Here are a few tips on how to you can make sure the children are safe and sound and that you have peace of mind while touring on a charter bus in Philadelphia.

1. Ask the kids to be on time. Tell the kids to come to the meeting place several minutes before the set departure time. This gives you enough time to facilitate their boarding and to plan out seating arrangements on the bus. Like you can have the kids who tend to get carsick take the window seats. You can also make sure that each kid is seated comfortably. Plus, you have enough time to do a headcount and if the kids have everything they need for the trip, such as packed lunch, identification cards, etc. By telling the kids to come on time, you are sure none of them would be bound to run after a running charter bus just because they arrived a couple of minutes too late.

2. Tell the kids to fall in line at all times. If we are talking about a trip with a group of kids without their parents or guardians, then it’s safe to assume they far outnumber the adults accompanying them. As such, you have to instill in them the importance of falling into line at all times as soon as they get down the bus. This way, it will be easier for the accompanying adults to keep watch over them. With the children neatly lined up, everyone’s within your field of vision. With nobody running around, accidents are avoided and nobody gets lost or separated from the others.

3. Remain seated. Ask your bus in Philadelphia about the availability of seat belts. If the unit you are hiring does not have passenger seatbelts, then make sure to tell the kids that they have to remain seated while the bus is running. Do not allow them to stand up from their seats while the bus is moving, and absolutely no walking around or back and forth the aisle.

Sure, getting a bus in Philadelphia makes things safe and easy for everyone, but this does not mean you won’t need to set safety guidelines for the kids to follow. Stay tuned for additional safety tips.

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