Bus Philadelphia Tips: What to Do and Where to Go on Father’s Day (Part 4)

Are you having trouble coming up with a nice gift or treat idea for your dad on Father’s Day? Well, consider yourself lucky because Bus Philadelphia is here to help you get started.

So far, Bus Philadelphia has suggested dining, a cruise, a run, a picnic, a convention and a Daddy-Daughter dance. If you do not find any of these unique and appealing enough, here are more sure-fire ideas.

Sports Day with Dad

Dads in general love sports. So there is nothing they can appreciate more than having their hunger for some action fed. Take him to a sports center with lots of sports facilities and amenities so he could choose or pick what he wants. It is bowling? Tennis? Basketball? Challenge your dad to a game.

You can also let him try something new and fun, like airsoft, paintball or maybe even wall climbing.

And if you want something more lasting and something your dad can enjoy for a long period of time, you can get him an Xbox!

Workout Treat

If your dad is a fitness or health buff and if he has not yet signed up with a gym, then do it for him. Sign your dad up for some trial gym sessions, or even for a long-term membership. It would be even better if you enroll yourself, too, and you get to work out together, and lift weights side by side. This would make such a great bonding activity for the two of you.

Spa Day for Dad

Your dad deserves a day off at a spa after spending the entire week working. Book him for a massage, a facial treatment, and even a mani-pedi. The works! He would surely appreciate all this opportunity for him to relax and de-stress.

However, he would enjoy it more if you make your spa treat ‘for two’ and if he could relax with your mom. It would be like a spa date for the two of them. If your dad has really close buddies, you can also arrange with their families so the men can all go together! You can all split the costs among yourselves and you can even get them a sprinter van or a bus from Bus Philadelphia so that they do not have to drive to and from the spa.

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