Bus Philadelphia Says: Be on Your Best Behavior

We all want our travel to be free of headaches and stress, right? This is the number one reason why people call Bus Philadelphia for their tours: because they want a worry-free, convenient and fun time on the road.

Bus Philadelphia is duty-bound to give you the best time of your life. This is the reason why we strive to go the extra mile. However, it takes two to tango, so we also expect our customers to behave accordingly on our buses.

How should you and your group behave while on board our charter buses in Philadelphia?

1. Make safety a priority.

The rule of thumb in bus travel is that you can never be too safe. Safety should top the list of priorities for everyone. Our drivers are trained to keep you safe on the road, but make it your responsibility to ensure safety on your end, too.

2. Treat our charter buses as your own.

Although you are renting the charter bus in Philadelphia for the day, it does not mean that you could wreck it. Be sure to return the bus exactly as you have gotten it. Keep it clean and avoid vandalizing it in any way.

This will also help you save money because any damage to the bus that you or your group is responsible for will be charged to your account.

3. Keep to the agreement.

Bus Philadelphia has a non-smoking policy on board our charter buses. Unless specifically asked for, please do not smoke. This is just one of the regulations that you have to follow and adhere to while on our buses.

4. Remember that traffic rules and other laws are there for a reason.

All basic laws should apply while on board our buses. For example, if you are in a jurisdiction that does not allow drinking on the bus, then refrain from bringing out the alcohol. At the same time, do not encourage our drivers to break traffic laws like over speeding or running a red light. They will, under no circumstances, listen to you.

5. Tips are very much appreciated.

Our operators are your partners on the road. If you are happy with their service, please do consider giving a gratuity. This tip should be placed inside an envelope given to the driver directly.

Bus Philadelphia wishes our clients a great trip. Remember to behave with common sense on the bus for everybody’s safety!

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