Bus Philadelphia: Making Long Distance Quotes Easy to Understand

One of the first things you should do when planning a road trip via a charter bus in Philadelphia is to call up various bus companies in the area and get a quote.

Sometimes, though, quotes might be difficult to understand. So Bus Philadelphia wants to make this easier for you.

One type of quotes you will encounter is a long distance quote. A long distance quote is what you get if you plan to charter a bus in Philadelphia and then travel outside of the state.

Bus Philadelphia and other bus companies in the state give out quotes that have these elements:

1. Daily rate. The daily rate is the minimum charge you have to pay for each day’s use of the bus.

2. Mileage. Long distance travels are often charged based on mileage, which is a fixed rate for every mile you travel. On the average, you can expect to pay $3 per mile, but it can be higher depending on the gas prices and inflation rates.

You can pay either the daily rate or the mileage.

3. Local travel. This is the number of miles that you can travel when you reach the destination.

4. Fuel surcharge. This covers the changes in fuel charges. As such, it changes on a day to day basis.

5. Operator hotel. If you are going to have an overnight trip or a trip lasting several days, you will have to pay for the driver’s board and lodging.

6. Driver change. An operator can only drive for 10 hours or be on standby for 15 hours. After this, they should get 10 hours of rest. This makes it safer for everybody involved and is required by law. If you are to be on the road for more than this, you would need to pay for a driver change. This could cost around $200 or more, depending on certain factors such as the departure points or the location where the driver change is made.

7. Other fees. You are expected to shoulder all other fees such as tolls and parking fees.

Call Bus Philadelphia now and ask for a quote. If you do not understand anything, you can ask our customer service representatives to clarify it.

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